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Enlightenment Exercises

Clear Your Head:
Everyday our head gets filled up with tons of information - most of which serves us little. That which we hear, see, and read is absorbed into our unconscious mind. We are like sponges, picking up information and energy. Cleansing your mind is as important as cleansing your body. Take 3 deep breaths, while calling upon Archangel Michael. Ask him to clear away any thoughts, emotions, or energies that do not serve your highest good.



Drink in God's Love Daily and Often: God's love and light is always available for us. When it feels like you are in the dark, it is because you have separated yourself from your Source. When you are totally connected with Source you will feel empowered, peaceful, and filled with vitality. When disconnected, you will feel stressed, angry, fearful, overwhelmed, sad, lonely, or needy, to name a few. Set the intention to tune in with God frequently throughout the day. Bask in God's love. Allow your body and mind to be filled overflowing with the pure white light of God. Feel this love penetrating your heart, opening you to give and receive more. Open your heart to the world and let yourself love.



Connect With Your Mama: Your energetic vibration will rise when you connect with angels and you may feel lightheaded, or like there is an air-pressure change. You will adjust quickly if you remember to ground yourself. Spend time outside, in nature, breathe in the fresh air and consciously connect with your mama.  As you walk or stand, imagine that there are roots extending out from your feet, connecting you deep within the earth. Keep tuning in with the Earth's energy, until you feel centered and strong.



Be the Best YOU That You Can Be: If you can remember nothing else, simply set your intention to be the best you that you can be. The best is the best. If this is your intention, each day you will find yourself more empowered, and energized, as you remember the truth of who you really are. We are each created in God's image - then injected with a seed of doubt. Many people have chosen to nurture their doubts and have forgotten that they are the powerful creator of their reality. Ask God to remind you who you were born to become, and allow this vision of your best self to unfold. Trust that you are able and choose to become willing.



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