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The Reconnection Prayer

Right now, I surrender all my fears, worries, and doubts, into the ever ready hands of God and the Angels. Archangel Michael, I ask you to come to me, now, and cleanse my body mind and soul. Re-connect me with the Light and Love of my Source and the full splendor of my soul.

I drink in God's Light and Love now . . .

Angels, I let go of all that does not serve my highest good. Take from me, now, all that holds me back and weighs me down. I now release my concerns about. . . . (name whatever is bothering you: bad habits, ill health, finances, soul mate, etc).

I give you my pain and worries, God, in exchange for heavenly solutions.

I ask for help with . . . (ask for whatever you need - give everything over to God and the angels)

I fully open my heart, now, to receive heaven's help. I am open to receive. I receive. I receive. I receive.

Quiet my mind, now, God, so I can hear the messages you speak through the angels. Open my heart, God, so I can feel your Divine Presence. I am now ready for a better life, and I am willing to take divinely guided actions. Show me the way, God. Show me the way. I am now open to receive. I receive. I receive. I receive.

Lift my life to new heights, God. I give myself to you now, totally and completely. Use me for great things, God, I am here to serve, to love, to live to the fullest. Place me now on my highest path of purpose and move me forward with Grace.

With gratitude and joy I gratefully accept these heavenly gifts! Thank you for continued blessings, God. Thank You! I am blessed. I am blessed. I AM Blessed.

And so it is . . .


All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2002 Krista-Lynn Landolfi


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