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March Forward w. Faith!

Tele-Dream Seminar

For your convenience, participate in the comfort of your home, or office, via the telphone. Available Worldwide.

Open your heart and give yourself comfort, ease, healing and positive visuals for achieving specific goals, embracing important events, and manifesting financial figures you wish to RECEIVE from 2012 and your future LIFE. Everything is possible when you connect with the infinite power within you!!

March Forward-seminar with Meredith Kelly and Krista-Lynn Landolphi

Saturday March 31st 7pm EST (4pm PST)

Register Now

**The first 12 sign-ups will be blessed with a 20 min. SPECIAL BONUS
Reading With Meredith! And one lucky participant will receive a
1 hour Angel Energy Alchemy™ intuitive reading with Krista-Lynn!**

During this Powerful Healing and Transformation Workshop we will use Divinely Inspired Angel Energy Alchemy™ tools and Coaching techniques for:

*clearing your energy field
(releasing all outside worries, people, situations, limitations & expectations of others)
*clarifying your heart's desires
*balancing your mind into harmony
*harnessing your power and potential
*receiving specific information from your guides to help you
REALIZE your DREAM for your Future SELF
*step into your "Ultimate Reality" life vision,
moving forward on your Highest Path of Purpose

Do you want to feel GOOD about your future inside your heart?

Do you want to PARTICIPATE fully in your Future,
making certain you are on track with your soul and your hearts desires?

When you're ready to consciously create your dreams,
March Forward w. Faith will empower you with the tools you need!!

Register now to be on this call~ $25 reserves your space in this sacred safe place to DREAM BIG for 2012 and your heart's desires!



~Two-part call-in radio show to get your questions answered and help you to clear blocks from your path and get you centered with your DREAM!

~ March Forward 'ascent email' to prep you for the tele-seminar, filled with self coaching tips and tools for cleansing your consciousness and opening your mind, heart and arms to receive infinite blessings from the universe

~March Forward with Faith 2 hour tele-seminar, and MP3 recording of the course, so you can tune in whenever you like!

~ March Forward "keep on, keeping on" email after the course, filled with tips and tools for staying in alignment with your DREAM and magnetizing your heart's desires.

 You can March Forward into your dreams and visions NOW!

We SO look forward to this call with you! It's important to keep infusing our dreams into LIFE~ now is the time, lets use it wisely together and co-create our own personal HEAVEN on Planet Peace!! You want to be ON THIS CALL!



Available Worldwide!

Upcoming Dates TBA