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We think you’ll love it, this is a 28 day program to immerse yourself in the meaning and spirit of meditation!

The 28 Day Spiritual Detox will help you to get in touch with your inner self. You will grow spiritually and learn to let go of things that do not serve you. Each day is packed with information to help you understand more about meditation and its versatility. You will have four weeks of accountability and guidance, learning different methods of meditation.   It will help you to find methods that work best for your personal growth and will give you the best advantage in creating a viable meditation practice.  Even though it focuses mainly on the spirit, it will help you create positive changes in your mind and body as well. It is an experience to not be missed! 

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VIP Groups 'Ascending'
May 2nd, 2018

  • You will learn that everyone is different!  We are not going to tell you which methods to use in your daily meditations, but encourage you to keep an open mind and experiment with styles that are new to you.

  • You will learn all about fitting meditation into your daily life. 

  • You will find out which tools may aid you in deepening your meditation.

  • We are going to teach you about using meditation to combat stress. 
  •           (Your body will thank us for it!)

You are going to learn that you can find deeper satisfaction in your daily activities by incorporating meditation into your routine. We will teach you how to create a deep and meaningful meditation discipline.  We encourage starting small and slowly building upon your discipline, at your own pace.  Find out about the different ways to meditate.  

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TTwo (2) thirty minute one-on-one Soul Sessions (1 hour total) with Certified Spiritual Teacher & Master Transformation Coach, Krista-Lynn Landolfi, who acting as your 'meditation mentor', will lovingly support you throughout your awakening journey.

You will get a [160 page]
Meditation e-book, educating you on the benefits, history, and methods of meditation, including 65 different meditations for you to practice! You'll also learn a variety of breathing techniques, mudras, mantra, and ways to harmonize your seven chakras.

You receive Meditation e-Journal to help you track your growth and record your daily reflections. 

28-days of inspiration, direction, accountability, worksheets, and fun; each day you'll get a daily workbook with powerful self-reflection questions to help you recognize (and remove) blocks, gain deeper insights, more clarity, and clear guidance as to your next, best [soul] step.
  • Exclusive membership to private online community where you'll connect with participants from around the globe for encouragement, support and to expand your Soul Tribe! Krista-Lynn (and special expert guests!) will be available daily, providing added inspiration, celebrating your A-ha moments, and to answer your questions. 

Weekly Guided Meditation via Live-Stream Video! 

(all sessions recorded and are yours to keep) 


Intimate groups are embarking on our Ascension Experience starting Wednesday, 5.2.18, and your presence is requested to join Soul School Founder, Krista-Lynn, for a transformational meditation journey that will help to you to calm your mind, center in your heart, and claim your power.

 It is time to increase your peace, and shine brightly,

Dear one, are you ready to RISE & SHINE?

If you feel called, (Lightworkers activate!), 

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Investment $447

Receive $118 off in honor of the New Year!

2018 Ascension Price:






The ME I Was Born to Be!

You made it this far, good for you, that means you are truly (truly) ready to shift & lift, so here's a gift!

The following audio exploration will bring you on a journey within to explore who you are, and who you most desire to become. Throughout the process your answers will reveal some of your top values, passions, talents and special gifts – all of which speak to your life purpose. Your purpose in life is the essence of who you are. You can easily fulfill it because it is you!


Set aside at least 20 – 30 minutes to listen to the audio exploration. The recording itself is only about 18 minutes, but it’s good for you to have time to write notes or journal about your experience after listening.

Krista-Lynn Landolfi is a visionary leader in the field of Transformational Coaching. Mastery is one of  Krista-Lynn's specialties, and she helps her clients and students to excel in every area of their lives. Of all her achievements, Krista-Lynn is proudest of her personal transformation and growth, most especially, winning her battle with anxiety, depression and addictions. "I was a completely shattered individual before I'd left my teens." recalls Krista-Lynn, who's undergone a total metamorphosis. "Once upon a time I couldn't leave the house, and I didn't want to live. Now I am traveling the world, living out my dreams!"

Ever the coach, Krista-Lynn leads by example. When it stirs her Spirit, and tickles her soul, Krista-Lynn pursues her goals with a passion unmatched by many. "In being true to myself, I have been blessed to experience phenomenal joys." remarks Krista-Lynn. "I just can't let a dream die, and because of this, many of mine - like being an actress (Truman Show, Playboy TV Spokesmodel), radio show host (D*LIGHT: Tickle Your Soul Talk Radio, AWAKEN Talk Radio) and journalist (PapierDoll, Advice Vixens) - have come true!" 

Krista-Lynn's exuberance for life is contagious and she inspires others to embrace their dreams with equal zeal.