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Soul Therapy reconnects you with the full power and splendor of your Soul!

Soul Therapy is a totally energizing and uplifting experience. Each session is different from the next, but always, exactly what is needed at the time, in order to help you to move forward on your highest path of purpose. 

In addition to the many benefits of Soul Therapy™, you'll receive customized tips and tools for creating and maintaining balance and harmony in your life. Service also includes one month of soul support Coaching with Krista-Lynn, who will guide you through your process of awakening (provided via unlimited email & text correspondence).


"Soul Therapy™ is the most complete form of healing work I've ever participated in. With Krista-Lynn's help I completely transformed my life. The best way to describe Krista-Lynn is simply to say, she's an angel on earth."

Joseph Anderson

Founder, Inner Visions







Soul Therapy  combines a powerful blend of Spiritual - Psychic Consultation, Coaching, and Energy/Light Work, for miraculous results. It is great for those times when you're feeling lost, depleted, or disconnected. Soul Therapy is like an Angel Reading with a "turbo booster".

A Soul Therapy™ session will give you insights into your higher purpose, and the many ways you can fulfill it. Using her intuitive gifts,  Krista-Lynn communicates the messages of your Highest Self (Soul), God and your Angelic Assistance Team, providing you with answers, direction, and divine guidance. The clarity you'll gain will have you feeling inspired and motivated!

During a Soul Therapy™ session Krista-Lynn and your Angelic Assistance Team will remove any blocks - mental, emotional, or energetic - that may be holding you back. Once you are clear, a chakra attunement will open and balance your energy, raising your vibration and increasing conscious awareness. Your ability to manifest your intentions will be greatly enhanced, as will reception of intuitive messages.

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Soul Therapy


~One (1) / 90 minute session

~One month of Soulution Coaching
(via text & email)

~Two (2)/10 minute Tune Ups
(phone or Skype video consultation
during 30 Day period)


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