Soul School

and Lightworker Academy

where humans get their wings & learn to fly

Lightworker Academy
where humans get their wings and learn to fly



Rising StarTM

Soul Therapy

Life Coaching

Prema Birthing

Start Living Your Dream TODAY!

by Krista-Lynn

(323) 868-2181

Lightworker Academy will help you:


  • Unleash yourInner-AWESOME!
  • Use breath as the Bridge-to-Being
  • Experience Cosmic Consciousness
  • Connect with your I AM Presence and Crystalline Light Body
  • Master use of the Violet Flame for transmuting karma & healing
  • Team with Ascended Masters to accelerate personal mastery
  • Harness the phenomenal power of the Rainbow of Life
  • Activate Super-Human (Christ Consciousness) DNA
  • Awaken your full power using ancient light-work techniques
  • Learn and master 5th dimensional Cellular Healing techniques
  • Work with the Angelic Realm to create Divine Magic & Miracles
  • Awaken Higher Consciousness and open your intuitive channels
  • Raise your energetic vibration and experience the Bliss of Being
  • Become a (master) Magical Manifestor using the Law of Attraction
  • Live in an enlightened state of being: Alive, Awake. Aware.

    Krista-Lynn has always impressed me with her insight and compassion, both of which flow from a profound understanding of the human heart. I have known her for many years, and would highly recommend her to anyone searching for their Divine Place in the world."

    James Twyman
    N.Y. Times Best Selling Author, The Moses Code 
    Director, Indigo Evolution

“One by one, some quickly, some slowly, we are all waking up. It dawns the day we ask ourselves "what else?" knowing there has got to be more to life than fortune and fame, consuming and doing. Deep in our hearts we know we were born for more. Deep in our souls we want it! Each of us craves most truly to be Alive, to embrace the fullness of each moment and express the Truth of Being. It is time now to obey the longings of the soul. To awaken from the deep slumber set forth by our ego - content to play small, and whittle our time away. Listen now to the longing in your heart. AWAKEN. Remember who you really are and why you have come.

Simply say "YES!" and entry to a new world is yours.

Step now into the place of possibility.

Simply say "YES!" and your awakening has begun."

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