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Letting Go …


Before we can allow something new into our life we must make room for it. We make room, by letting go of that which no longer serves us.  Right now, choose to let go of your worries, fears, doubts, judgments and any other negative thinking, and allow God to illuminate your mind.


Breathe deeply, drinking in the pure white Light of God, allowing it to cleanse your awareness, and restore your Spirit.  As you exhale, let go of all that does not serve you. Just give it up to God . . .


Choose to shift your focus away from the perceived problem and onto that which serves your highest good. For better or worse, what we focus on grows, and expands.


Choose to focus on what you desire to have happen, or who you desire to become, and you will find yourself attracting this into your life. Life really works in such simple - yet predictable - ways.


Two thoughts cannot exist simultaneously, so, if you are focused on the problem, you are missing your answer. You must first release your problem, if you are to come to the solution.  Make time daily to go to God - bask in the Light - for a mind cleansing. Once your mind is clear of worries, the Guidance of God (Highest Self) can come through.

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