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"I exist in the realm of possibilities, therefore, anything is possible!"

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"Krista-Lynn is a terrific coach. She has an amazing understanding of people, and the ability to communicate that knowledge like no one I have known. The work she does is invaluable! 
Krista-Lynn is a genius.
Top of the top."

Andrew A. Bestafka Esq.
Monmouth Law

Krista-Lynn Landolfi, founder of the Soul School & Lightworker Academyhas devoted her life to understanding and mastering how to transcend the human ego (BS Brain), and fully awaken the Soul, or Super Self as she calls it. Master Life Coach Krista-Lynn will help you to heighten your consciousness and connect with your Super Self , which holds the key to unlocking your full power and potential, so you can step into your ULTIMATE REALITY - the best your life can possibly be. 

Krista-Lynn has been providing spiritual guidance and life coaching to clients for more than two decades, since the age of 19, when she started her first company, Search for Self. An inspiring Spiritual Teacher, she acts as a channel for the Divine, sharing the wisdom of the soul, and calling forth the best in others.

A Lightworker, first and foremost, Krista-Lynn is dedicated to fulfilling her soul's purpose and committed to serving humanity, in every way she can. Through her amazing spectrum of work Krista-Lynn Landolfi has reached millions of people around the world, and taught students in 33 countries (and counting!). Throughout her years of  service Krista-Lynn has coached thousands of individuals to personal greatness, many of whom are powerful leaders in their chosen field.

Krista-Lynn is a visionary leader in the field of Transformational Coaching, helping clients to tap the power of their Super Self and create their own 'super star' life. . Mastery is one of her specialties, and she helps her clients and students excel in every area of their lives. Of all her achievements, Krista-Lynn is proudest of her personal transformation and growth, most especially, winning her battle with anxiety, depression and addictions. "I was a completely shattered individual before I'd even left my teens." recalls Krista-Lynn, who's undergone a total metamorphosis. "Once upon a time I couldn't leave the house, and I didn't want to live. Now I am traveling the world, living out my dreams!"

Ever the coach, Krista-Lynn leads by example, living her life to the abSOULute fullest. When it stirs her Spirit, and tickles her soul, Krista-Lynn pursues her goals with a passion unmatched by many. "In being true to myself, I have been blessed to experience phenomenal joys." remarks Krista-Lynn. "I just can't let a dream die, and because of this, many of mine - like being an actress (Truman Show, Playboy TV Spokesmodel), radio show host (D*LIGHT: Tickle Your Soul Talk Radio, AWAKEN Talk Radio) and journalist (PapierDoll, Advice Vixens) - have come true!" Krista-Lynn's exuberance for life is contagious and she inspires others to embrace their dreams with equal zeal. Today, Krista-Lynn is living God's dream for her life, and she's happier than she ever imagined possible!