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There was a time when looking my best was very important to me. As an actress in Hollywood, it was a part of the job; I was expected to look good, so I did.  As a teenager   I went through entire semesters of school never wearing the same outfit twice. I did not follow the trends, I set them.


Before life got serious and I grew up, I had fun with clothing and fashion.  I became a master at the use of accessories, and color became yet another extension of my self-expression. Every outfit I wore was like a costume, fit for the role I was to play that day.  My choice of clothing now, says little more than that I have become lazy.  Much of my time is spent behind closed doors, writing. No one cares, nor sees what I look like, so I do not care.


When the pressure to look good was gone, my desire to look good left with it. Today my wardrobe consisted of mismatched socks, a hat to hide the faded highlights and a sweater three sizes too big, but thick enough to keep me warm. The only time I dress up now, is for a photo op. If there will be no proof, I will be in sweats.


As you can see, these are desperate times, so desperate measures are called for. I will be covering fashion week this year, so once again it is a part of the job for me to look my best. I must admit, I feel liberated.  I like looking good. I’d gotten so used to schlepping around that I forgot how fun it can be to let myself shine, from the inside, out (outwardly being the key word here).


Whatever your inspiration, it is never too late to reignite your passion for fashion. If you, too, have let yourself go, I implore you to reclaim the glamour and revamp your look. Before all you can do is look back and remember the good old days. If you’re not sure if you’re in need of a fashion overhaul, ask yourself this: What you would wear if you thought that it mattered? (And trust me, it matters.)


If you once salivated for a great pair of heels, and arrived early, to be first in line at a sample sale - but now look shockingly like your mother, or worse, grandmother - this intervention is for you. It is time to surrender the sweats, and remember just how fun dressing up can be! Dive into your closets, spend an evening perusing the fashion magazines, and let yourself imagine the woman you would like to become. Somewhere in our minds we all have a vision of our best self - the life we would live if we thought anything was possible - and of the clothing we would wear, if we thought we could pull it off.  


No matter your size, style or budget, you can make the choice to express your inner beauty, outwardly. Let the world get a glimpse of who you are, through the clothing that you wear. We all “wear many hats” in the course of a day: daughter, wife, mother, worker, student. The list goes on, and it’s important you put yourself at the top.  Give yourself a reason to dress up: make reservations at the best restaurant in town, get tickets to a play, or be adventurous and throw a party. Show off your hard won curves with a sexy new style and indulge your senses with silk and cashmere. Our lives were meant to be celebrated and a great place to start is with fashion.


Trust that you are beautiful and dress yourself from the inside out.

A wonderful example of this is a teacher I have studied with. Years ago, when she was just starting out and still trying to make her mark with in her field, she appeared very stiff, in a button up suit and fancy dress shirt, with a serious and astute demeanor. If you were to meet this spiritual pioneer today, you would find yourself in the presence of a mystical goddess, complete with bright, flowing fabrics and sparkly jewels. She is a woman at once comfortable with herself, and with expressing it. Today my mentor shines from within and this is reflected in every item of clothing she chooses. This dynamic teacher has written numerous best-sellers and now travels the world, in style.


I admire her not so much for her fashions (which are fabulous), but for her ability to live truly to herself. She wears what she enjoys and she enjoys what she wears. Her style speaks volumes about who she is. You can immediately sense that this is a wise and powerful woman; her clothing simply accentuates this truth.  Our confidence - or lack thereof - shines through, so it is important to feel good in what you are wearing.


While our beauty really does come from within, it can be enhanced or decreased, based on how we choose to dress. The way we look determines instantly what people will think of us. All day long, with everyone that we meet, we size them up and write their life story. All based on their appearance. 


People say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but the truth is great covers sell more books.

The fact is that people will make an assumption about you, based upon the clothes you are wearing. I want to be seen for who I really am. This funny looking bag lady thing I have got going on, this, is not me. I am hot: I have style, passion and even a bit of pizzazz.


I once had a line in a commercial, where I am describing the perfect man, I declare he has a certain je ne sais quoi; that little something special, you can’t quiet put your finger on. You can only have it if you are totally being you. The something special is a fullness of being. One who is so content with themselves that they have chosen to have fun, not just with their wardrobe, but with everything that they do.  That’s the person I aspire to be. And in surely, I’ll be dressed for the part!



All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2005 Krista-Lynn Landolfi

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