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Heavenly Creator, I come to you now, seeking Love: to give, to be, to have, to receive. Fill me overflowing with your Love, so there is always enough in my heart for me to share.


I open myself, now, so I may receive your Love.


I open my heart, now, so I may Love more fully.


I open my mind, now, so you may fill me with your Holy Light of Awareness.


I am ready to know - speak to me, now, Beloved Creator. Remind me of the Truth of who I really am. Help me to see beyond all illusion and to remember my Divine Truth.


Take from me my fears and all that keeps me feeling small and unwilling. Make me now willing to live for You.


Help me to love the life I have, while consciously creating something better.


Help me to live to love, and love to live. Give me the courage to advance on my highest path of purpose, shining my light for all to see.


Make me strong God. Make me aware. Aware of the Truth, in all moments. Help me to stay fully present in the moment, ever mindful of my thoughts, and deeds. Help me to choose wisely, so that I may always create from a place of love.


Remind me again, and again of the person I was born to become; gently guide me, forever towards this Truth. When I have veered from my Truth, remind me of who I am, help me to stay centered in this Truth.  


I now surrender my mind, so that I may come to know Truth. Cleanse my mind of all false beliefs and negative thoughts.


I give to you now my life, so you will show me how to live it best. I trust that within me is vast potential. Each moment I choose to create (think) from the highest vision of my Self.


I desire to live fully, embracing the experience of life and the joys it has to offer. I celebrate my existence and give thanks for all that is, and will come to be. I am grateful for the Love that now fills my heart overflowing.


I rejoice now, in this moment with You…

Celebrating that I am Me

And You are You

And We are One





All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2002 Krista-Lynn Landolfi

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