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The Secret Ingredient

Based on a study by the Harvard Business School, 95% of humans will NEVER actualize their dreams. Why?! Because most people are scared off by the mere thought of obstacles. They quit during the idea stage, before they've even started.

In fact, the study shows that 70% of people have no goals in life whatsoever! At best, they have dreams. A goal is a commitment to achieve something within a given a timeline. A goal is clearly defined and includes plan of action. If there's no action, it’s just a dream.

Of the remaining 30%, 10% of people try to pursue a goal, but quit when faced with the first obstacle. 15% quit after the first few stumbling blocks.

Few have the staying power of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, who tried and failed 10,000 times, before seeing the light. He stands atop an elite group: a mere 5% of humans who follow their dream through to reality. No matter what it takes.

What sets this group of individuals apart is this: they have clearly defined goals and follow a plan of action, and if that plan doesn't work they come up with another. The 5% of people who bring their goals to fruition achieve more than the other 95% COMBINED!

What category will you choose to be in?

Personally, professionally and financially, only 5% of people are rising to the top because the other 95% is hiding in the dark. Step into the Light! I promise you that just beyond that challenge is a reward greater than any you've ever known.

DON'T GIVE UP! Even if it takes you 10,001 tries.

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