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where humans get their wings & learn to fly

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Transformation, Growth & Healing

As Easy As
1, 2, 3

Soul Therapy

~One (1) / 90 minute session

~One month of Soulution Coaching
(via text & email)

~Two (2)/10 minute Tune Ups
(phone or Skype video consultation during 30 Day period)

1 Session + 1 Month Coaching: $345

Your Angels Want Your Attention!

  It is time to remember who you *really* are and discover the role you were born to play.  Our angels and guides exist to help us remember the Divine Blueprint for our life, which includes how we best serve and what will bring us the most joy and fulfillment. 

During a  Life Review Session Krista-Lynn will tune in your Angel Assistance Team for Divine Guidance. Intuitive coaching session helps you explore all the areas of your 'wheel of life’, and uncover ways you can improve and make positive changes. 
You will receive clear steps you can take to increase your levels of passion, power, purpose and prosperity!

  • A Life Review Session provides clarity, answers and direction.

  • Life Review is an enlightening  and empowering experience that will help you

clear obstacles so you can move forward on your Highest Path of Purpose. 

  • A Life Review Session will awaken you to the infinite possibilities for your life!

Ultimately, our mission in life is to be happy, to live and love our lives to the fullest  – get on track and moving forward in the direction of your dreams, today, click on the link to book your Life Review Session . . .

*Available Worldwide, via Telephone or Skype*


Happy Hour Healing

Happy Hour Healings are available on WEDNESDAYS from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. wherever you are

ALL sessions Discounted during HAPPY HOUR! Angel Therapy®, Rising Star™, Prema Birthing™ (in-person only).

*Limited Availability*
*First come, first serve*


Rising Star or Prema Birthing
($150 Value)
1 Hour "Happy Hour" Session: $123

Angel Energy AlchemyReading

($178 Value)
1 Hour "Happy Hour" Session: $123 

*Appointment required*
*Cannot be combined w/ other offers



Rising Star SPECIAL!

Buy 3 Rising Star
Get FREE 30 minute Angel Energy Alchemy Reading!
($80 value)


"I'd tried to quit smoking every day for a few years, and failed, as my addiction was too strong. After just one Rising Star session I stopped smoking the very next day!! Rising Star created miraculous shifts in my life."



+$80 Value BONUS GIFT!

*You have up to 1 year to complete your 3 sessions*

Rising Star

Buy 3 Get FREE Reading!
Good for 3 - 1 Hour Sessions
($450 Value)

Three RISING STAR: $450 




 Get Your Gold
One-on-One Coaching

6 Months Total


  • Four 45 Minute Life Design & Discovery Sessions ("month one")

  • Four 30 minute One-On-One Coaching Sessions Per Month (5 months)

  • Weekly "5 Minute Fine Tuning" Call, as needed
  • Continuous support throughout the month via email & text message 

Life Design Sessions: $550
(Savings of $200!)

Month-to-Month: $450
(Monthly Savings of $100!=$500 Total)

6 Months Advance: $2000 

(ADDITIONAL $550 Savings = $1250 Total Savings!!) 



**Krista-Lynn hand selects each of her clients

to ensure the ultimate success and fulfillment**

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