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Accessing Heavenly Assistance 

Everyone has a direct channel to God - this class helps you to find your own!

TELECLASS: Conducted over the telephone for your convenience. 

All sessions are recorded and can be listened to for 1 week, and MP3 download is available.

Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. Pacific / 12:00 p.m. Eastern

11.1.11  - 12.6.12


(1) One-on-One Soul Therapy™ session with Krista-Lynn
($345 value)

6 Teleclasses:
75 minutes each: You are encouraged to attend each week at the set time, but should you need to miss a class, sessions are recorded and can be listened to for one week, and they are also downloadable (MP3).
($450 value)

(2) PRIVATE Consultation: You get two private consultations with Krista-Lynn, where you can ask questions, make suggestions, get feedback, and receieve personalized tips for heightening your intuition and increasing your A-HA moments. ($300 value)

MP3 Downloads: Guided Meditations & Visualizations to Open Psychic Channels and Awaken SUPER SELF
($77 value)

SUPPORT: Throughout the class, and for one month after (3 months support total), you will receive unlimited email support from Krista-Lynn, who will be with you through every step of your awakening. (Priceless!)

Course Guidebook:
 Each week you will receive a reading assignment, sent via email. Included will be an overview of the week's topic; coaching questions, to deepen your learning; and additional assignments (exercises), to be done at your own convenience. ($85 value)

Certificate of Completion

*Class size is limited to allow for plenty of one-on-one attention.
Every participant will receive time for questions and personalized feedback.

Course fee: $595
($1247 value)

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Contact Krista-Lynn directly to inquire about payment plan - 2 payments of $320: 


Week 1: Opening the Channels of Intuition

A series of exercises will help you to understand the difference between Divine Guidance and the messages of the ego. Includes a guided meditation to cleanse your mind and reconnect you with your highest self. This class begins your awakening; we delve deeper with each class. This introductory class answers the following questions:

What is Divine Guidance and how can I receive it?

What exactly is the ego and how does it talk?

How can I know the difference between the two for sure?

Who is my highest self?

How do angels speak to us?

Why cant I hear messages or see visions?

What blocks might I have and how did they get there?

How can I clear my mind of worries, fears, and other negative jabber?

How do I receive messages? (An exercise)

Week 2:

If you want to know what your body is trying to tell you (and trust me, it is talking) you will have to reconnect and tune in. Gut feelings are very real and can be very reliable; when you are in flow you can feel clearly your yeses and nos. When relaxed and calm our body has the ability to act as a navigation system; stress and tension create blocks. These blocks also affect our health. Class begins with a guided meditation to help you open your bodys channels and your ability to feel. I will guide you through a series of exercise to deepen your experience and understanding.

Week 3: Clairaudience=Clear-Hearing

Heaven's messages must be relayed through our minds. In order to hear clearly, you must first clear your brain of clutter. A guided meditation will help you to cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and beliefs, so you can get quite enough to listen. Class includes an energetic exercise with Archangel Raphael to help you heal unresolved issues and open your ear chakras (your listening channel). We will explore the voices in your head and clear those that do not serve your highest good. Once your mind is quieted and your ears are open, you will find that God has always been speaking.

Week 4: Claircognizance =Clear-Knowing

Most of us have had moments of claircognizance: you just know the answer; you don’t know how or why you know, but you know the answer. We often receive such information in response to a prayer - the answer appears, out of the blue, when we are ready. When the mind is free of clutter and receptive, the messages of heaven can easily get in. This class will open your mind, your ears and your heart. For heaven's voice is heard most clearly through our heart, for heaven's message is love.

Week 5:

The goal of this class is to remove any blocks that are hindering your psychic vision and open your third-eye. We all have the ability to see, but fears often block this gift. We see a lot of scary things in this world and it is common for our third eye to close as a result. Class begins with a guided meditation and angelic healing, to help you to cleanse your psychic eye. A series of exercises will help to expand the field of your vision. The angels want you to glimpse the world from their perspective and they will do everything to assist you in heightening your view.

Week 6: Psychic E X P A N S I O N

Congratulations! Your intuitive channels have been officially opened. Now it is time for some expansion! This class will take your abilities to the next level. It is a full immersion in the inner world of awesome abilities. Exercises created to full lock-in your learning and deepen your understanding of using your tools. This class fully empowers with the abilitiy to connect with the voice of Truth with consisent accuracy and clarity. Angelic Meditation will connect you with the infinite support available to you, at all times, and expand your Sacred Circle.

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Payment plans - 2 split payments of $320 each - can be made.
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