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4 Simple Steps ... 1 Great Life!

1) Release Your Fear

2) Ask For Help

3) Open to Receive

4) Divinely Guided Action


God and the angels are always sending us love, and communicating with us, but worries and fears block these messages. Once we effectively remove the blocks from our lives, there is room for the gifts of Heaven to flow in. God and the angels want for us to open our arms, our hearts, and our minds to receive the gifts of Heaven, which are our birthright.


The first step to living your best life, now, is to release your fears. Fear stands in the way of your greatness, keeping you playing it small. Fear manifests in countless ways, like stress, anger, sadness, confusion, worry, and doubt, to name a few. When you are willing to release your fears, God and the angels can clear them from you. You must simply let go.


Once you've given your fears, worries and concerns over to God and the angels, it is time to ask for help. Ask for assistance in whatever area of your life that you need. Ask for clear guidance, answers, and steps to follow. Ask and you shall receive.


Remember that angels often show up in human form, since God works through people, so be on the lookout for help in whatever form it appears.


The next step to creating "heaven-on-earth" is to open up to receive. This is done by getting quiet and listening for the answers you've requested, and by remaining aware of the opportunities that come to you. Listen: be watchful for signs and affirmations, and note them when you see them.


Trust that heaven's support will show up for you - be on the lookout for answers, expecting them to come. You are most receptive when you're in a state of joyful anticipation.  


The defining step to your success is your own willingness to take divinely guided actions. God can lead you to it, but it is you who must cross the line.  Your role in receiving the heavenly support you seek is to follow through on the guidance you receive and take divinely guided actions.


Go on the diet, sign up for the class, change jobs; whatever your guidance, if it be for your highest good, go for it! Without fear standing in your way you will come to find that you really can do anything, once you set your mind to it!

Make these 4 simple steps a way of life, for to a great extent, this is the way life works best. We were never meant to struggle, or go it alone. Heaven's support has always been available to us, but fears and worries cause us to forget.


Following these 4 simple steps, at least 3 times daily, is sure to bring your life to a new and higher level. You deserve to live the life of your dreams, let God and the angelic realm help you.


Remember: all you have to do is ask.

God and the angels can help us to heal all that ails us and our planet - right now - if only we would ask. The angels can provide heavenly solutions to any problem, and they can help us to restore joy, prosperity, and vitality in our lives. Angels know who we really are and will try and remind us of our life purpose; sharing insights into our divine purpose, and creating opportunities for us to fulfill it.

The angels can do anything that serves our highest good - but, only if we ask.


What will you ask for?

The Reconnection Prayer


All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2005 Krista-Lynn Landolfi 

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