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Krista-Lynn's Lingo  

In her search for answers and understanding of the human experience, a process that began in early childhood, Krista-Lynn found that many simple concepts were taught in a very complicated way. She has a gift for breaking down complex theories to their simplest form, so, as she's always asked the Universe to provide her when requesting insights, 'even a child can understand it'. Krista-Lynn a pro at creating easy to remember catchphrases that help you to 'lock in the learning' and integrate new concepts into your daily life.

The following is an ever-growing list of her most popular teachings and coaching tools, which help students and clients worldwide to guide their lives in the direction of their dreams and desired outcome. Try some out for yourself and see how quickly you transform!


Beast in the Basement™: the 'beast in the basement' is a shadow (unconscious) aspect created by our psyche when we choose to hide parts of our personality that we deem to be unacceptable. These 'castaway' aspects join together to form an entity that we try to 'lock in the basement', in fear that others will reject us if they see we are less than perfect. Like any caged animal, the beast will fight for it's survival, trying to break free and have its say. When your 'buttons are pushed' and you lash out in anger, that's the beast at play; being unconscious, its not yet aware of how awesome you are and how great your life can be, so it instead opts to create more pain and suffering.

BS Brain: BS Brain™ stands for "Bad Stuff", though many choose to lovingly refer to it as their 'bullsh*t brain'. The BS Brain™ is an ego frequency made up of many different 'radio stations' that fill your mind with low vibrational messages, like fear, doubt, worry, anger, and so on. Humans cannot focus on two thoughts simultaneously, so when you're listening to your BS Brain you are unable to hear the all-knowing wisdom of your Super Self™. Your BS Brain™ is fear based, it seeks to be right more than it desires to be happy, it looks for problems and let downs and it always places you in the role of victim, having been hurt or let down by another. The BS Brain™ will take a grain of truth and embellish it with lies, in order to get you to accept a lesser quality life experience.

Super Self™: Your Super Self™ is your Soul, or Presence, the part of you that is fully connected to Cosmic Consciousness and Infinite Intelligence. Super Self™ is the highest level of your consciousness, the all-knowing aspect of your self and the very best of who you are and can become. Our Super Self™ holds the key to unlocking our full power and potential and accessing the unlimited wealth of gifts and wisdom that is within us. When centered in our Super Self™ there is one radio station transmitting, WTRU: The Voice of Truth.

Ultimate Reality: Ultimate Reality is the best your life can possibly be, custom fit for your passions, desires and purpose. Human Reality is a creation of lack and limitation; the belief that certain things are not humanly possible. Ultimate Reality requires conscious choice and deliberate intent to create from the highest

Choose UP!: our lives are the sum total of our choices; even doing nothing is a choice. While we may not have control of what happens to us, we do have to power to choose how we will handle situations. One of the most empowering affirmations you can declare is "I CHOOSE!" to remind you that in every moment, in all situations, you have a choice. Repeat the phrase many times to let the seed take root in your mind that you always have a choice. Once you feel your creative power remind yourself to Choose UP! stretching yourself, aiming higher, choosing the best possible outcome based on your desires.

Angelic Assistance Team
: every person on the planet is surrounded by a sacred circle consisting of the Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides that make up your Angelic Assistance Team™. These high vibrational beings of Love are here to assist us in fulfilling our mission, which includes being happy; living our life to the fullest and loving it.

Soul Sculpting
: Soul Sculpting™ is a transformation technique that allows you to easily identify and resolve issues, heal wounds, and unveil the masterpiece of your Super Self; which is often the 'diamond in the coal' for many. Once you chip away at the coal you can get to the diamond; the very core of your essence.

Soul Stretch™: Soul Stretch™ is a playful empowerment / life acceleration technique that calls forth the kid in you, while unleashing your full power. Whether in a coaching session, or class, Krista-Lynn will encourage you to stretch beyond self-imposed limitations (fear) with the challenge of a Soul Stretch™ opportunity -- 3 levels to choose from. A Soul Stretch™ is a 'healthy stretch' in the right direction that will up your game and increase your results. When you hear her catchphrase, "DARE YA to DO IT!" you can be sure your world's about to grow bigger and your soul will shine brighter. 

Soul Charming
: Soul Charming™ is the art of calling forth the Super Self™ of yourself and others. Soul Charming™ techniques include energetic alchemy for transmuting lower level energy (most often thoughts) and to actively engage your Super Self™, rising into higher levels of consciousness, by being fully present in the moment.

Krista-Lynn Landolfi is a visionary leader in the field of Transformational Coaching. Self Mastery is one of  Krista-Lynn's specialties, by connecting people to their Super Self™ she helps her clients and students to excel in every area of their lives.

Of all her achievements, Krista-Lynn is proudest of her personal transformation and growth, most especially, winning her battle with anxiety, depression and addictions. "I
was a completely shattered individual before I'd left my teens." recalls Krista-Lynn, who's undergone a total metamorphosis. "Once upon a time I couldn't leave the house, and I didn't want to live. Now I am traveling the world, living out my dreams!"

Ever the coach, Krista-Lynn leads by example. When it stirs her Spirit, and tickles her soul, Krista-Lynn pursues her goals with a passion unmatched by many. "In being true to myself, I have been blessed to experience phenomenal joys." remarks Krista-Lynn. "I just can't let a dream die, and because of this, many of mine - like being an actress (Truman Show, Playboy TV Spokesmodel), radio show host (D*LIGHT: Tickle Your Soul Talk Radio, AWAKEN Talk Radio) and journalist (PapierDoll, Advice Vixens) - have come true!" 

Krista-Lynn's exuberance for life is contagious and she inspires others to embrace their dreams with equal zeal.