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Get Sprung! 7 Ways to Feel More Alive

Is it possible to feel more alive than you do right now? Absolutely! I'm sure you've felt it. Some days you are breathing, but you feel like your barely even there. Other days, you are filled with a sense of exhilaration and vitality. It's a palatable difference, something along the lines of watching TV on a black & white mini, or a flat screen, high definition, plasma television. It's the same experience, but the quality is worlds apart. 


If you are normal you have been up, down, and everywhere in between. We understand the ups and downs of life, and have come to expect them. Down phases often bring us to a halt. Up phases wake us up. Surviving the moments in-between, is where most people exist, most of the time.


Life takes over and time seems to constrict us. We all have a vision of our best life, but actually having the courage to live it is another thing. Everyone uses the excuse that they would really start living, if they only had more time: while the time for living is right now.  


When our eyes are open, we see there are endless reasons to celebrate each day. We start to feel a bit dead inside when we forget. The key to feeling alive is to live. Carpe Diem! Seizing the moment is the surest way to feel alive.


 Are you ready to live more fully?  The following suggestions will help you to resuscitate your life.

1. Stop Living in the Past:
The surest way to kill the moment is to live in the past, or get lost in the future. We must learn to live our lives in the now, or be always one step away from ourselves. Finding our rhythm and balance is a process that can only be found by living in the moment. If you stop running and take a few deep breaths, you will know exactly what you need in any given moment.

Take time to check in with yourself throughout the day, and ask yourself the important questions. How am I feeling right now? What do I need right now? Ask your body what type of food it needs to be healthy, and strong; a response or knowingness will guide you.

Your soul will reveal what it needs to thrive as well. Our greatest passions and joys are the food of the soul. If you find yourself feeling off centered, caught somewhere between yesterday, and tomorrow, spending a few minutes breathing deeply in quiet reflection, can instantly restart your day. While breathing slowly, wiggle and stretch about until your mind and body calm, then relax into the moment.

2. Connect with Your Mama: We live on a planet that was created to sustain us. Vegetables, and fruits spring forth to nourish us, helping us grow strong, and remain healthy. Everything we need is supplied for us. The earth itself supports us, while trees provide shelter, and create the air we depend on. What was once a forest is now one of our greatest resources: cotton, paper, wood; where would we be without the trees? Dead, that’s where.

Realize how lucky you are! Give thanks for all that you have, and you will feel more alive. Spending time in nature will reconnect you with your Source and awaken your senses. Our Mama loves us. Whenever you feel out of sorts, or alone, connecting with nature will help you find your center.

3. Talk to Your Father: There comes a time to stop thinking and start seeking. Our sense of value and worth never comes from an outside force; press, property and prestige will only get you so far. Happiness is something that comes from within. Inner peace is only obtained if one works for it.


When we connect with God (Replace with Higher Self, Source or Infinite Intelligence if you wish) we feel more centered and fulfilled. Answers come easily. One must only get quiet enough to listen. When we learn to listen to our hearts---which is where God lives---the ever guiding voice within will always lead us down the best path. Spiritual awareness will bring you to life.

4. Stop and Smell the Flowers: While it sounds like a cliché, this is sage advice. The sight of flowers brings joy, their colors, and fragrances uplift us, creating more endorphins - the happy chemicals in our brain. Sending a bouquet is just about guaranteed to make anyone smile. Flowers are nature's candy.

Spend some time in nature exploring the flowers in your area. They attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other magical beings that are a wonder to behold. If you want to feel more alive, reclaim your sense of wonder and awe. Learn to slow down and appreciate your surroundings and all the pleasures of God's green earth.

5. Get Creative: To create is to surrender. Creating is an intuitive act. Though you may start out with a game plan, your creation will eventually take on a mind of its own; guiding, and moving you forward. Whether it be painting, crafting, writing, or dancing, you must engage your senses, and surrender to the process.


Going into a creative state will awaken greater possibilities in your life. You will learn to hear the guidance of your heart more clearly. Polls have shown that people receive their best ideas when in the shower, or driving, or otherwise focused. Your mind quiets when you are in engaged in a task, thus allowing answers to appear.

6. Speak Up! Speaking our mind can often be a challenging concept, and terrifying reality. Fear of public speaking is a very common phobia. It may be frightening, but it sure is gratifying. Commit to Truth, in word, deed and action and you will surely feel more alive.

We were born to express the insights, talents, and gifts that are unique to us. There is no other you in all of time – live out loud. Integrity is about living true to who you are, and what you want. Learn to speak up. What truths about yourself are you currently hiding?

7. Touch Yourself: I believe that purgatory is feeling nothing. It is equivalent to existing in a void, or being a robot. While joy is the most sought after commodity, grief, melancholy, and anger serve their purpose as well. If you want to feel more alive, you must be willing to feel. Though pain hurts, it is only the flip side of our joy - to the depths that we travel, so too will we rise.


If a feeling is threatening to take you over, you can guide your emotions to another, by recalling things that make you feel happy, or safe. You cannot think two thoughts at one time, so by directing your thoughts, you can always choose a better feeling.


Our feelings are great indicators, and guides, revealing the truth of any situation. Our bodies translate feelings differently, relaying messages of pleasure, or repulsion. Passion makes the temperature rise, and heart beat faster, while fear makes us feel cold, or like we can't breathe. Good feelings often indicate a "Yes", and negative feelings are a sign of a "No". Get quiet and listen to what your body telling you.



All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2006 Krista-Lynn Landolfi


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