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Change Your Mind - Change Your Life!

If you are not yet living the life of your dreams, you can be sure that fear is to blame. The only thing keeping you from the actualization of your dreams is you. Many of you have forgotten that you are the powerful creator of your destiny. You doubt the visions you see, and the messages you hear, feeling yourself to be too small, or not yet prepared. These are just some of the lies your fears tell you

Fear is insidious, and often, we do not know it is controlling us; doubt, bitterness, judgment, and even arrogance are amongst the thousands of ways fear expresses itself. Fear causes low self esteem, lack of confidence, and the small thinking that leads people to settle for less than ideal situations, jobs, mates, et cetera.

In her book, The Game of Life, Florence Scovel Shinn says that fear is just inverted faith; it is faith in evil, instead of God or Good.

Have faith that you were born with a purpose, which only you can fulfill, it will then become easier to trust in yourself and move forward confidently. Whether you are just stuck in a rut or have gotten far off course, you can put your life back on track now, and begin moving forward into the life of your dreams.


The more you believe - the more you receive


For better or worse, the more you believe in something, the more of it you will receive in your life. What are your beliefs attracting into your life? When you see yourself as weak, ill-equipped, or lacking in some way, you are sure to meet with great struggles.


The universe responds to your beliefs and creates the situations that match your frame of reference; if you insist you are a failure -failure is what you will experience. The problem isn't that you are not enough, it is that you think you are not enough.

When you believe that you are less than and all you deserve is crumbs, that is all you will accept. The universe offers more, but it is you who does not feel worthy to accept it.


I've conducted hundreds of spiritual readings, and I've found that the core issue of every problem stems from a lack of self worth. Your dreams will come true when you believe you are worthy of living a life so great. 


Trust that you were born to fill a need in the world


Commit yourself to fulfilling this goal.


If your goal be that of Holy Service, the time, resources, and situations needed to fulfill your goals will appear in magical and miraculous ways. Do not concern yourself with the how, this is up to God. You must simply be willing to fulfill your Divine life mission, and the opportunity will appear.


Be willing to serve and the universe will serve you


The key to discovering how you can best serve is found through your passions. Do what you love! Your true mission in life is to be happy. Your destiny is not to get by with a job that makes you miserable; your job is to create peace and share it.


Find work you love, friends who uplift and encourage you, and situations that confirm Heaven exists on Earth. Call upon your guardian angels - everyone has them - to assist you in designing your days; these Divine beings can remind you of the plan you have come to fulfill.


Ask your angels to cleanse your mind of all doubts and fears, and to reveal to you your highest truth. Get quiet, and let them show you who you really are. Be still and breathe; paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and visions.


You will be shown glimpses into your best life, career, and the highest goals for your soul; lofty as they may appear, this IS what is possible for you. Only your own doubts, fears, and negative thoughts are keeping you from your destiny. 


If we do not strive for something more


We will settle for something less


With concentrated effort, you can choose to completely re-program your mind and re-design your life, right now. You alone have the power (and it is an incredible power) to change your thoughts. And when you change your thoughts, your life will change.


No matter how worrisome, thoughts are merely habitual, and with work, habits can be changed. Every thought we make instantly creates a ripple in the brain: fleeting thoughts dissipate quickly, while long held, repetitive thoughts create deep crevices and belief systems. 


Our consciousness is fluid; it is constantly moving, shifting, and expanding. Like water, it will follow the path of least resistance, being drawn to the channels you've created.  Using your personal will power you can close off certain pathways, and divert your attention in a more positive direction.


If you want to fully activate your brain's operational power, you will need to think, speak and write on any topic or issue; each activity calls on a separate part of the brain.


The use of written and verbal mantras and affirmations will speed the process of your transformation. Start and end your day reciting the statements of your choice. Keep all thoughts affirmative, as our thoughts themselves create our intentions--whether we like it or not.


Our minds are the canvas on which we create our lives


Our thoughts are our paints.


If your dreams feel far from reach, take a moment to explore the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world. Where is negative thinking keeping you from your goals?


Negativity is dark: its energy is heavy, and it drains vitality and enthusiasm, while clouding our vision. Positive thoughts on the other hand, uplift, and encourage us forward, while giving us the strength and courage needed to succeed.


Positive and negative thoughts cannot exist at the same time. No two thoughts can. Many thoughts may run through your mind, but you choose where to focus your attention. When negative, defeating thoughts arise you can choose to edit them, by consciously focusing upon the thought, with the intention of deleting it from your mind.


Once the negative thought has been released, you then re-program your mind with an equally as powerful positive belief.  Repeat this process as many times as needed. Each time a negative thought pops up refocus your mind on the positive.


Your mind is like a dangerous neighborhood


It is not safe to go in there alone

Call upon brain editing angels to assist you in the process of cleansing your thoughts. These beings of light will alert you when your thoughts have gone astray, and quickly steer you towards a better line of thinking.

The following affirmations, which can be found in The Game of Life, have proven to work successfully for countless people. You may need to repeat these hundreds of times or for just a few days straight---as long as it takes for you to believe it.


The Christ in me has risen, I now fulfill my Destiny.


I have wonderful work, in a wonderful way.

I give wonderful service, for wonderful pay.


Once you trust in the words you affirm your vibration will shift and rise, and you will then magnetize your desires to you. Your angels are always by your side, ready to help you, but, they only can do so if you choose to help yourself (Free Will). Ask for help.


Righting your beliefs is only part one of the process, the next step is to take right action. It will be up to you to follow the guidance that you receive. If the message you get continually tells you that there is a better job, partner, home, or life waiting for you, trust that Divine Guidance is consistent and make the needed changes.


Remember that you were created in God's image. You too are a creator---you create your reality through your mind. The journey from fearful to fabulous begins with just one thought. Change your mind and your life will change!




All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2003 Krista-Lynn Landolfi



(The techniques described in this article, and many more, can be found in Krista-Lynn's upcoming book, FEAST-The Cure for Spiritual Anorexia, it is an easy to follow recipe for soulful living.)


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