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Angels: Angels are God's helpers, and messengers of Divine wisdom. They are God's pure love and light, made manifest. Angels love to help us with anything that we ask for and are always by our sides no matter what. For us to receive Angelic help we only need to ask for it, and be willing to allow them to help.


Guardian Angels: Every person is born with at least 2 guardian angels, which stand by your side from birth to the time we depart. One angel is there to help you awaken; it's constantly reminding you of your highest self, and life purpose, and encouraging you forward. The other guardian angel is there to comfort and love you, nurturing you, calling forth your best.

Angelic Assistance Team: Your Angelic Assistance Team is made up of: your two guardian angels, archangels assigned to you, based on needs of the moment, ascended masters whos expertise match your soul's path, and spirit guides, which includes deceased ancestors from our maternal and paternal bloodlines. Can also include special angels and guides as requested by you, called up for specific problems, or to learn, or improve a skill or quality. Your Angelic Assistance Team constantly surrounds you, forming a Sacred Circle.

Archangels: Managers of the angelic realm; each has a specialty. You cannot call on the wrong angel. Whatever your issue, whatever your need, call upon God and the angels for support, and it will come.


Michael: King of all angels, cleanses fears and lower level energies,  helps with life purpose guidance


Raphael: Physical healing, removal of anxieties and addictions


Gabrielle: Motivation, life purpose, especially related to communication and the arts


Raziel: Spiritual understanding, heightens clairvoyance, energy balancing and charging


Uriel: Emotional healing and cleansing of anger; purifies energy with God's golden light (psychology angel)


Ariel: Feminine issues, moon cycles, friendship, love


Metatron: Cleansing chakras, balancing energy, life purpose helping children


Sandalphon: Music angel, brings joy, increased vitality


Azrael: Helps those in mourning, or dealing with fears of death


Chamuel: Helps with finding lost objects, and all types of relationships


Jophiel: Helps with artistic projects and lifting our thoughts and outlook into the higher realms


Zadkiel: Angel of knowledge and wisdom, specifically helps teachers and students

Ask & You Shall Receive!


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