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Whether you believe it or not, God sent you. Each of us was born with a personal mission, and a Holy purpose, which only we can fulfill. God's Great Experiment was created to help you to become the person you were born to be.

It is time to step into your power now, and live the full, rich, fabulous life you were promised. God has a dream for your life, one custom designed to fit you perfectly.

It is time to awaken to the possibilities for your life. Choose now to step into a world filled with divine magic and miracles. Reach out to God, call upon your angels, and open to receive the heavenly support that is your birthright. This is my request. I trust absolutely that if you partake in GOD'S GREAT EXPERIMENT you will receive your own proof of heaven. 


The experiment is easy: simply give your worries to God, ask for heavenly support, listen for answers, and be willing to take divinely guided actions. God will help you, but you must also be willing to help yourself!


God's Great Experiment is open to one and all, these principles are based on the simple belief that God is the one pure source of love and light, which is available to everyone. Experiment is non-denominational and not affiliated with any religion.


Angels can do anything that serves our highest good. But, since we were created with free will, they cannot intercede without our permission; unless we are in jeopardy of dying before our allotted time. Angelic protection is guaranteed - for everything else, we must ask!

Ask & You Shall Receive!



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