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Connect with Your Angels!

An Angel  Energy Alchemy™  intuitive reading is a doorway into the divine. During a session Krista-Lynn will bring through messages from your  Angelic Assistance Team, providing you with answers, direction, and divine guidance. 

The angels know who you are and why you were born, and will constantly remind you of your Holy Purpose. Fears and worries can block the reception of heaven's messages.

A session with Krista-Lynn will remind you of the Divine Plan for your life. Beyond the struggle is a world of Divine Magic and Miracles. Enter now.

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1 hour Angel Energy Alchemy session

Krista-Lynn, creator of Angel Energy Alchemy™, is an Advanced Graduate Student Certified by Doreen Virtue 

"Krista-Lynn is an amazing example of a lightworker who has healed her fears and is living her life's purpose
to the fullest!"

~Doreen Virtue


"Krista-Lynn is the person you call when you've forgotten who you are and you need perspective to bring you back to your Higher Spiritual alignment. I feel completely changed and transformed after a session with Krista-Lynn. She is a blessing to all of Humanity and I am thankful she's sharing her gifts with us. "

Abhaya Cordova
Founder, Vandana Center

"I have known Krista-Lynn since (March) 2002. For nearly the last decade, I have seen her continually renew and rebirth into even deeper layers of her potential to be one of the greatest clairvoyants I have ever met. My students are always amazed when she gives them a reading, many finding her insights so specific that it made them a believer in psychic phenomenon when before there was question whether it truly existed."

Jennifer Burgermeister
Jennyoga, Breathecure, Texas Yoga Association

Awaken the Full Power of Your Soul

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Having an  Angel Energy Alchemyintuitive reading with Krista-Lynn will call forth your highest self and raise your energetic vibration, while providing clarity and inspiration. An Angel Energy Alchemy  session will help you to move forward on your highest path of purpose with effortless ease, guided by divine inspiration.

Your Angels Want Your Attention!

Angel Energy Alchemy

2 Reconnection Sessions

Two (2) 55 Minute Sessions
(110 minutes total)

It is time to remember who you *really* are, the Universe is aligning so you can 'hit your mark' in the starring role you were born to play. 

Our angels and guides exist to help us remember the Divine Blueprint for our life, which includes how we best serve and what will bring us the most joy and fulfillment. 

During a  Life Review Session Krista-Lynn will tune in your Angel Assistance Team for Divine Guidance. Intuitive coaching session helps you explore all the areas of your 'wheel of life’, and uncover ways you can improve and make positive changes.  You will receive clear steps you can take to increase your levels of passion, power, purpose and prosperity!

  • A Life Review Session provides clarity, answers and direction.
  • Life Review is an enlightening and empowering experience that will help you clear obstacles so you can move forward on your Highest Path of Purpose. 
  • A Life Review Session will awaken you to the infinite possibilities for your life!

Ultimately, our mission in life is to be happy, to live and love our lives to the fullest – get on track and moving forward in the direction of your dreams, today, click on the link to book your Life Review Session, now.

*Available Worldwide, via Telephone or Skype*

 Life Review