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7 Steps to Success

The following "7 Steps to Success" will help you to set realistic goals, while empowering you to achieve them.

1) Mental Reprogramming: Our minds and the thoughts we choose are the central guiding force in our lives, drawing to us the experience that matches our thought patterns. Often, it is only our own self-defeating thoughts that stand in the way of our success. People are afraid of failing, looking stupid, or of not being enough, so they will convince themselves they cannot before even giving something a try. Sound familiar? Take a moment to explore your own thoughts and see if you are programming yourself for success or failure.

2) Positive Projections: Think it. Feel it. Be it. Let your imagination run wild and reveal to you what your life can truly be. See yourself succeeding. You can do anything! Know that you are strong, confident and courageous. Trust that you are able then choose to be willing.

3) What’s the Price? What’s the Payoff? Everything in life has a cost. In order to say “yes” to one thing we must say “no” to another. Are you spending your time well? Our time is the greatest commodity we have, and how we choose to spend it often increase or decrease our level of enjoyment and success in life. Pause now, and make an honest assessment of how you spend your time. Remember that every choice you make is an investment: if you sow seeds of success (commitment, persistence, organization) you are sure to reap the rewards.

4) Is it a Wish or a Goal? Until you set a timeframe for completion your desired outcome is merely a wish, not a goal. A goal is something that can be measured. When you commit to a goal set specific timelines and guideposts so that you can track your progress. It is also important to review your goals at least twice yearly. Time passes and people change. Are your current goals in alignment with the current you, or are you trying to fit into someone else’s life?

5) Commitment, Commitment, and More Commitment: Until you alone make the choice to commit to your resolutions and goals they will merely be wishes. The most common resolutions people make regard their health, yet 60% of Americans die from health related issues caused by their own behaviors, such as overeating, smoking and lack of exercise. Ask yourself this, “In order to say YES to my best life I will have to say NO to …?

6) Make a Map to Your Destination: If you know where you are going you will find a way to get there. Same as you would chart the route to the destination you were driving, so too must you clarify the direction you are heading in life. Remember, every journey begins with the first step. Where are you headed this year?

7) Get Moving: To strengthen your conviction, and align with your goals, it is important that you take action daily. As mentioned, a goal is measurable. Let’s say you want to write a book: by investing just 20 minutes per day, you could complete this task within the year. An equal amount of time spent exercising daily, could help you drop a couple dress sizes, while adding 10+ years to your life. Take at least one “baby step” towards your goal each day.

If you are still unsure about what type of changes you are willing to make, or possibly need, answering the following questions will help you gain clarity.

· On a scale of 1-10 how fulfilling is my life? Rate all areas: career, romance, family, health, etc.

· What 1 change can I make, right now, that will improve my life?

· If nothing changes in my life/current situation, will I be where I want in 1, 5, 10 years?

· Do I even know where I want to be? (Explore the possibilities for your life)

· What are my values, and am I honoring them?

· What choices can I make to bring my life more meaning, joy and fulfillment?

· What do I really want and need?
Ask yourself this question over and over, until you get to the truth. Our first inclination is to give a programmed response, or the answer we think people want to hear. The good news is, our purpose is custom designed to fit exactly who we are, and not necessarily who others think we should be.



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